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What you find on this website are just tiny opinions or perspectives derived as a result of someone elses action.
It is no ones business what you think except hopefully YOU DO THINK!.

To Manifest a Civilized World...first

Recognize the abysses created by incompetence, ignorance, corruption and greed.

Are We Civilized Yet? or Do You To Believe We Can Do Better!  Why Can't We?

OK now we can head toward solutions.

I think the USA may have a disease called confusion. So before we do lets clarify some things.

In business, the judicial system and legislature we have allowed to many who for personal reasons sometimes silly as low self esteem to manipulate our great systems and organizations for personal gain instead of duty to their organization people and nation.

Business had it's own built in balancing until lazy selfish psychopaths decided to make the legislatures and the Judicial system accessories to their grimy greed, laziness and incompetence. The proof is in the pudding since we/they decided, rather than solve our social ills, to just rotate the bottom 20% of our society through what is now actually very similar to a for profit judicial system. Or asking courts to decide issues that for hundreds of years people did just fine in negotiating/deciding between themselves (which can create a big brother mentality). I know a lady that takes people to court over and over because she says the odds of winning are greater than her playing the lottery. She manipulates every aspect of the court.

Did you know that the world used to seek to bring their court cases to the USA because they felt they could get fair treatment? Not anymore. Today's courts are getting bombarded with silliness or corrupt manipulations for personal gain or legal robbery.

Similarly the same mindset has added to our great legislature too many that have no interest in the health and welfare of the people of the USA but they serve only themselves and their friends. Not just disenfranchising the poor but ACTUALLY CREATING the POOR. And bottlenecking the system so good people cannot create good things. Lucky for us all the number of clever sophisticated lobbyist that seek advantage by manipulating the legislature has dropped significantly.

The most overwhelming issue that has been created besides making us strong in the race to top the list human rights violators is that fact that the legalization and forced political correctness of self righteousness has all but destroyed both our quality of life and our ecosphere. Pretty amazing really that a bunch of ne'er-do-wells or imbeciles sitting around counting the zeros they have collected on pieces of paper could do so much harm, but they did.

Would you like to know the personal cost of the resulting indoctrination or forced obedience? Here is a simple multiple choice statement that may help you clarify for yourself. (This is not a judgment, only God has the real and complete wisdom to judge, we can only guess conclusions based on the fragmented facts we get).

Here is a Hypothetical Statement, choose the one that comes to mind first.

We lose about 30,000 species a year to extinction, in 80 years the human race could be extinct!

Your Reply:

A. So what I will be dead by then.
B. What the heck can I do about it?
C. Oh My God we have got to do something to stop this.

Basically we are products of our environment. A negative choice is largely the result of social indoctrination which resulted from incompetent or lazy leaders. We are not born cynical.

None of the above choices is right or wrong, we are only human. But, for the first time in the history as a result of the Internet we have huge groups of people and thousands of organizations that are paying attention and do want to help solve the problems we have, like avaaz.org with over 38,000,000 (yup, that's MILLION) members, not to mention we have way over an abundance of technology and intellectual talent to work with us.

So if you feel helpless or alone, think again. Look for an organization near you or one on the Internet.


Hundreds of millions of people are working hard for solutions.

So, get involved
Get Healthy
Get Positive
Get Going
A perspective:

This is a simple letter sent by one of my friends to another that wants to be a salesman.

What is Free Enterprise?

It is dreams, passions and desire of people to help others and get paid for it.

From the grocery bagger to the CEO

What is the opposite of the Free Enterprise system? The bureaucracy

What is the bureaucracy: it is supposed to be entities that are throughout our nation to administrate the functions of government in the best interest of the people. But it turned out to be huge groups of people scamming ways to get the money out of the pockets of the working general public. Sometimes even making laws and forcing them to pay...

What happened? Abuse of power and authority, and as a result of the huge devastations to the people of the United States in the last 15 years, millions of people worldwide are paying close attention.
Free Enterprise people hate underhanded backroom dirty deals, they hurt everyone especially the coming generations.
Free Enterprise people do almost everything that makes a nation great.
Who is at the top of the pyramid in the free enterprise group?
Salesmen, look around the room you are sitting in or any other room. Every item was sold at some point.
What makes the salesmen so important? They must make sure that the item fulfills a need.
That means that they learn almost all facet's of every product and hope it will be so useful that everyone wants one.

That is positive energy which brings positive results.

What is the number one trait of a great salesman? Moral Straightness

To be very successful we must be ready to work very hard and be diligent. Why? Because the honest people must strive to remove the ability of the clever or corrupt to earn without working which hurts everyone and breaks the fundamental economic system.

Don't let anyone sabotage you from success.

Well my friends I love you, I must get back to work now. But before I go I would like to offer a suggestion. Remove the word work from your mindset because it has such a negative connotation. The fact is no matter what you do to make money to pay your bills you are serving someone and at the same time someone else is serving you. While you are bagging groceries or mowing someone's lawn there is another person serving you at a food manufacturing plant, the electric company or maybe even as a plumber. We all are serving each other.

God Bless

OK, now we have put the candle on top of the basket,

so that all may see the light clearly!

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