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Hiking Adventures With A Waterproof Bag

There are people fond of participating in hiking adventures in remote and naturally beautiful locations like mountains, valleys, meadows and other places. This enables them to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and experience peace and ecstasy as they get to feel nature from close. As they have to walk long distances for days, hikers need to take along with them various things like eatables, clothes, mobile, camera, etc. They need to keep them in a spacious bag which they can carry comfortably. Also it should be waterproof to protect their goods from extreme weather conditions. By opting for a high quality, spacious, comfortable and waterproof bag for backpack offered by a reliable online seller of fine sports products, they can enjoy their hiking adventures as their goods would remain unaffected from changing weather conditions.

Such a waterproof bag for backpack is made up of strong tarpaulin. It keeps items in it dry from various weather conditions like rains, winds, sleet, snow and deluge. Due to its heat-sealed construction, water cannot pass through this bag at all even when you keep it in a puddle for the whole day. It is durable. Its clip-shut closures, padded shoulder straps and an interlocking chest strap enable people to carry it comfortably over long distances. Also it would remain firmly stuck to their back even when they are moving through a rugged terrain. The bag also has got a zip pocket from which people can easily take out the items they need. Its carry handle makes it easy for them to grab and shift the bag conveniently when they are not carrying it on their back. The bag offers enough space for keeping their goods.

This kind of bag’s benefit to the hikers is that they need not halt or postpone their adventures in event of unfavourable weather conditions like rains, snow, etc. fearing that these would spoil the goods in their bag or make them wet. As the goods in this waterproof bag would remain dry from water and moisture, hikers can carry on with their adventures at any time they like even in changing weather conditions without bothering about their goods’ safety. The bag would also help to boost their performance as they can carry it comfortably. It would also let them enjoy their adventures more as the weather would be unable to disrupt their adventures.

When it comes to choosing an ideal backpack for their adventure, people should go with the best waterproof backpack for hiking offered by a reliable and renowned online seller of fine sports products. It would be made up of quality materials. Also it would be durable, strong, comfortable to carry, spacious and having the capability to keep their goods dry and unaffected from fast changing weather conditions. Such a bag would assure hikers of their goods’ safety from extreme weather conditions. Also it would enable them to carry on with their adventure in an uninterrupted manner. It would let them enjoy their adventures more. As they can carry this bag comfortably, it would enable them to put in an improved performance in their adventures.

If you are fond of hiking, you should give a careful consideration to choosing the right backpack for yourself as this decision of yours will determine to which extent you would be able to enjoy your adventures and the kind of performance you would be able to achieve in them.

Tips for Enjoy Beautiful Sunset Bars in Bali

Bali is one of the scenic destinations in the world and is filled with numerous spectacular sights including the most stunning & gorgeous sight of sunset. Sunsets have always been seen as” Larger than Life” sight and you can encounter this amazing sight in the beautiful sunset bars in Bali. Sunset is an amazing view when water turns into liquid gold and everyone wants to capture this view as it is really an outstanding view. Bali is one such place which gives you an opportunity to laze in style at the beach side and enjoy the sunset in a bit unique manner while enjoying your favourite drink and food.

Potato Head Beach Club in Kerokoban 

If party fever is on your mind and you want to enjoy gaze the sunset view as well then Potato Head Beach Club is the apt place for you. It is an iconic sunset bar in the tropical island. You can here enjoy at the infinity pool with the outstanding views of the sunsets and you can also enjoy at the swim up bar where you can simply laze and gaze at the sunset view. Stay here after sunset when music comes on and makes you crazy and enjoy in the vibrant and lively night party later.

Rock Bar in Jimbaran

Rock Bar is a rooftop bar which is located on the rocky cliff overlooking the gorgeous views of Indian Ocean from Jimbaran Bay. This sunset bar offers one of the perfect settings to enjoy the views of sunset. The setting of this rooftop bar is done in a manner to make the best use of the location and surrounding. The top of the bar is made by recycling the glass canes with a touch of creativity and glamour. This sunset bar is voted as one of the best sunset bars in Bali and is always booked international DJs and famous musicians from all over the world. Visit this sunset bar and enjoy the spectacular view of sunset.

Sundara in Jimbaran

Far away from the maddening crowd Sundara in Jimbaran is one of the marvelous places to enjoy sunset. This stunning beach bar is so beautiful that enjoying the view of sunset here is a true delight. Here you can spend the lazy evening with your beloved or with your life partner and enjoy the romantic sunset together. Visit Sundara and enjoy the breathtaking views of beach and sunset together and please your eyes with the gorgeous surroundings. Visit these gorgeous sunset bars with EaseMyTrip and enjoy the sunset gazing over there.

Single Fin in Uluwatu

Single Fin in Uluwatu boasts the most beautiful sunset views in Bali. As it is a rock bar it is situated on a rocky cliff. This place might not be the apt place to enjoy the drink but it is the best place to enjoy the most gorgeous views of sunsets. The USP of Single Fin is that it is popular among the locals, tourists and surfers as well. As the evening falls one can here observe the sky painted with hundred hues and everyone enjoying the view sitting comfortably on the chairs and sipping their favourite beer.

La Plancha in Seminyak

Imagine a distinctive Caribbean setting with colorful bean bag chairs on the beach side where you can enjoy the sunset gazing with full comfort. La Plancha is a amazing beach bar with a stunning ambience which is perfect to enjoy the beautiful sunset view with music turned up high and with your favourite bottle of Bali’s Bintang Beer. People here love to enjoy sunset and then love to hang out and booze after party in a marvelous beach side location.

Tips for vacation in paris

Paris is considered to be the dream place for many people. Many of us think that Paris is designed for romance, shopping, restaurants and sinful desserts. But, actually speaking, Paris is a historical city with a lengthy history and interesting historical events. This can be well-understood by seeing monuments, historical edifices and very old bridges in every nook and corner of the city you travel in Paris. In addition to this, a number of dissimilar museums have work of arts and records that date back as back as the 4th millennium, BC. In order to protect these valuable culture and history, many of these past happenings were documented and preserved for the following next generations.

For country lovers, La-Roche-Guyon village is a real treat. La-Roche-Guyon village is located on a broad curvature in River Seine. This village is ten kilometer from Vernon that is situated in the ‘Ile de France’, the province of Paris. This village is legitimately considered as one of the most gorgeous villages of France. In the beginning, this petite La-Roche-Guyon village was urbanized adjacent to the river underneath a medieval winery where the remnants of which still exist on the mountain area at the rear of the village. In olden times, this province was under self-governing power notwithstanding the established areas that were on both sides. If you buy a Paris pass to travel around the city, you also get complimentary access to more than sixty of the famous Paris attractions together with popular museums such as ‘The Grevin Wax Museum’ and momentous architectural buildings like the ‘Palace of Versailles’.

When you are visiting Paris for a holiday and deciding on your place of stay, then the Paris vacation rentals are the best possible choice of accommodation when it comes to comfort, convenience and budget. These Paris vacation rentals are located all over Paris at the most convenient locations.

The Paris vacation rentals are fully furnished and provide you a kitchen along with a separate sleeping and living area. These service apartments are fully equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities that you would require while you are away from home. Some of the main features are air conditioning and heating, broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity has been provided, a dish-washer and dryer is available. The kitchen is fully equipped with a cooker and equipment like an electric kettle, glassware, crockery, cutlery, utensils, microwave oven, refrigerator, and a toaster are all provided. A widescreen television is present in the living area that you can use to watch movies or any sporting events being held. There is a wonderful fitness center that comes along with the Paris vacation rentals that you can use to ensure you stay fit and do not miss out on your exercise schedule. There is a round the clock customer care service as well as concierge service so that you can get anything that you are looking for easily.

The Paris vacation rentals have been planned in a way to ensure maximum rest and comfort for anyone who chooses to stay here. You can come in here any time of the year and have a great time with all your loved ones.

Travel In Style With Nile Cruise Ships

Egypt could be the ultimate holiday destination when it comes to soaking up history and culture abroad – and sailing up the Nile on a cruise holiday might well be one of the best ways of doing so. The River Nile is the longest river in the world and is steeped in history and culture. There is loads of different Nile Cruise Ships that you can take on various different ports that you can sail from. When someone starts cruising Nile, ships becomes an integral part of their travel.

A Nile cruise is a relaxed and romantic way to visit the monuments of Ancient Egypt. There are a variety of destinations around the world that different cruise ships travel to. Many Nile Cruise Ships offer choices in accommodations with varying price ranges. Whether you are planning a private get-a-way or a family trip, be sure to check out this unique possibility. Many of Egypt’s ancient monuments are close to the river bank, so this is also a relaxing method of sightseeing. Many cruise ships operate along the stretch of river between Luxor and Aswan. Many ships have a resident Egyptologist, to provide talks about Egyptian history and culture.

There are literally hundreds of Nile Cruise Ships plying their trade on this immense river and provide a great variety of choices to every traveler. Acting as floating hotels, the cruisers ply the river between Luxor and Aswan, stopping off twice a day at major monuments en route. Most boat trips last between three and seven nights and visit Aswan High Dam, the Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temple. Choose to sail aboard a large, luxurious cruiser with a host of modern amenities, a traditional wooden dahabiya or a refurbished steamship. Though the smaller boats are more basic, they make up for this in character and visit sites that larger boats cannot access.

It is not surprising to know that there are many Egypt Nile River Cruise Ships through which every traveler visit incredible sightseeing via Egypt Nile cruises, GO NILE CRUISE offers Nile Cruise Ships to visit the most famous sites and attractions in Egypt. Our Nile River Cruises have a fixed schedule and determined landing points. The Nile cruise ships range from great value budget to affordable budget. You can choose Nile Cruise ships by our website and we will be delighted to assist and advise.

How to Choosing a Good Bed and Breakfast

Traditionally speaking, bed and breakfast-styled accommodations offered basic amenities at affordable costs. They’d mostly be run by families, letting out the extra rooms in their home to guests, as a means to earn money and enjoy the company of travelers from distant places.

They’ve become more stylized with the passage of time to cater to the challenges of modern tourism. Now, you’ll find these B&Bs have sprung up almost everywhere; some catering to budget travelers, whereas others serving high-end luxury seekers. What were once homely inns, have now become chic boutique hotels. You’ll find some unique B&Bs set up in heritage structures, with most retaining their old-world charm.

So, how do you go about choosing the one that’s best for you? Well, it won’t be much of a hassle after you’ve gone through these handy tips.
How to Choose the Right Bed and Breakfast

Check if their rooms have en-suite bathrooms

In the traditional sense, B&Bs were just a bunch of spare rooms in a family’s house which were let out to guests. Many of these, even today, do not have en-suite facilities. In case you can’t conceive the idea of sharing a bathroom with strangers, do clear up this aspect before you book.

Check if they allow pets

Pet owners mostly tend to find favor with like-minded B&B owners who don’t mind the guests bringing their pets along. This generosity is hard to find in most hotels, and in the rare event that you do, keeping a pet at the hotel ferociously escalates the cost. Pet-friendly B&Bs are a dream come true for animal lovers, so if you are one yourself, it’ll be easy to find the perfect accommodation.

Check if they allow children

Yes, you read that right. There are quite a few B&Bs that aren’t too keen on having young guests below the age of 12 on their property. So, if you plan to travel with young kids, take extra caution with your research.

Check if they provide ‘modern’ amenities

As these are small scale establishments, you may not find some amenities that you’d otherwise take for granted. These include Wi-Fi, televisions, hair dryers, and even room service. Swimming pools, gyms, and coffee shops may also be beyond a mention. There could be some establishments that do not allow smoking on their premises. If you simply can’t live without modern comforts such as these, ensure that the place of your choice provides them.

Check if they have heating/cooling systems

Most B&Bs are set up in heritage structures, and may not have modernized central heating or cooling. This may especially be true of inns in remote, rural areas. Therefore, it would be prudent to make inquiries about the same beforehand.
Questions to Ask Before You Book

Are the check-in/check-out times (at least a little) flexible?

Remember that most B&Bs are houses, so you may not find the detached professionalism of hotels in here. Leaving or entering the establishment at odd hours may not be acceptable to the owner.

Is the building handicap-accessible?

If the inn is set up in a heritage structure, chances are that it may not provide such facilities. However, there are a lot of B&Bs that are sprucing up their infrastructure in order to welcome more and more people.

Is the breakfast charged separately?

Laugh as you want to, but this is a valid question. Some establishments actually have a separate charge for breakfast meals. This is because certain visitors may not wish to adhere to the traditional B&B services. And while you’re at it, also inquire if they have a service that provides other meals during the day as well.

Top White Sand Beaches in Florida

Oh, what I’d give to be living in Florida! It’s called the Sunshine State for a reason, and all the beautiful beaches in Florida justify the title. Tourists coming here mostly tend to make a beeline outside the state’s various family-oriented attractions including SeaWorld, Universal Orlando Resort, and Walt Disney World. But there are also a dedicated bunch of people who come here to enjoy some awesome beach holidays, mostly in the winters (December to April), when the weather is perfect. Come spring, and it’s time for the barely-turned-18 people to come here in order to indulge in the festival of excesses―Spring Break.

But for whatever reasons you’re coming here, do not bypass a visit to the following white sand beaches.

Siesta Beach, Siesta Key

In one word, this beach really does have everything―the sand here is sugary white, the gulf water is calm and soothing, and if you’re hell-bent on indulging in beach activities, there are plenty available.

You’ll find picnic spots, playgrounds, and beach shacks that let you rent kayaks and catamarans. Plus, the beach is gorgeous enough to just take a long walk, or find a good spot to lie down and work on your tan.

Siesta Key is a 15-minute drive from Sarasota, and an hour’s drive from Tampa.

Pensacola Beach, Santa Rosa Island

Pensacola Beach often finds a mention among America’s top 10 beaches, and with good reason. The beach pier extends to 1,471 feet, making it one of the longest in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tourists coming here can visit the Gulf Islands National Seashore, a protected seashore, and enjoy snorkeling, swimming, and kayaking.

Pensacola is an hour away from Destin, and nearly 3 hours’ drive from Tallahassee.

Barracuda Beach, Destin

The city of Destin has quite a few options when it comes to white sand beaches. You may want to try Barracuda Beach, Crystal Beach, Silver Shells Beach, or the James Lee Park Beach, all of which have the most pristine white sand.

Facilities on most beaches here are excellent, including washrooms and showers. You can expect the beaches in Destin to be jam-packed in the summer months though, as it is a very popular holiday destination.

Destin is a 2½ hours’ drive from Tallahassee.

Panama City Beach, Panama City

Everyone knows of Panama City as an amazingly popular spring break destination. Any clues, why? A beautiful seashore with gorgeous white sand as pictured above, why would one think of anyplace else? The Panama City Beach is a long stretch and has various access points.

Dog owners rejoice―there are 3 off-leash dog parks in the city: Frank Brown Park, Zollie Young Dog Park, and Everitt Avenue Dog Park.

Panama City is 2 hours away from Tallahassee.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Recreation Area, Key Biscayne

The sheer beauty of Key Biscayne is sure to leave you mesmerized as soon as you arrive. In fact, the journey leading up to this rather secluded island is via the scenic Rickenbacker Causeway, crossing Biscayne Bay. It’s really hard to believe that a place this serene is a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of Miami.

The Cape Florida Lighthouse located in the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Recreation Area is an unmissable landmark here. Plus, you can also visit Crandon Park Beach, which happens to be another family hangout.

Key Biscayne is 20 minutes away from Miami.

Clearwater Beach, Clearwater

Another gem on Florida’s spectacular west coast, Clearwater’s name does say it all. Clearwater Beach was USA Today’s Readers’ Choice for Best Beach Town in Florida in 2013.

There are tons of activities to indulge in, both on land and at sea. The city’s coastline offers endless miles of sugar-white sand, crystal clear waters, and temperate weather.

Tips to Become a Good Travel Writer

People who do not know much about travel writing consider it to be a paid vacation. Well, they are obviously wrong, and they need to research more. To be a good travel writer, you should have a practical approach, rather than an emotional one.

Preparation Helps
Being a travel writer can be exacting. You must realize that you will not be the first one in a long line, flights will not arrive on time for you, every hotel will not have a room for you, and you may not be able to make a living out of your work (until you are established). So, you should be prepared mentally and physically before you begin your quest to explore the world. You can also register to a few travel writing training programs, they will help you meliorate your writing skills.

How to Become a Travel Writer

There are hundreds of travel writers out there, it will not be easy for you to make a mark, unless you are different. Reading the works of great travel writers and getting inspired by them is not a bad thing, but you should not copy their style and their approach. The world is tired of cliches, it needs something new. Remember, greatness is not achieved through following, it is achieved through leading, and to lead you need to choose your own path, you need to have your own style, your own approach!

Visit Vs. Explore
When you write a travel guide, you should remember that you are not the subject in your guide! You should always focus on the place that you are exploring. What is the difference between visiting a place and exploring it? The answer is very simple, when you visit a place you ask the question ‘where to go?’ and when you explore, you ask ‘why to go there?’. Your work should not turn out to be just a map which shows directions, it should explain why you chose a specific direction. If you are not curious while traveling, you will never have something new for your readers.

Writing Tips
I believe that every individual has a unique style of writing which his inspirations obscure. Once you have identified your style, here are a few tips that will help you achieve success:
Dare to have a different approach. A place might be visited by thousands of writers, but it will still have an untold story.
Avoid ultra long personal stories, be concise! Frankly speaking, no one really has the time to read hundreds of pages to know why did you like the coffee in some remote coffee shop!
Do not neglect grammar and punctuations. Your reputation as a writer will suffer, if you have grammatical mistakes.
Market Yourself
When I say ‘market yourself’, I do not mean that you write a self-centered escapade, that glorifies you! I mean that, you should take efforts to promote your work. You should have a good social network. You should make use of blogs, and popular social networking sites to promote your work. Try to establish contact with major publications. Once your work gets published in a big magazine, there is no stopping you (if you keep up the good work)!

If you are proficient, you will never be out of work, as there are innumerable places in this world which are waiting to be explored. It would be great if you receive a five-figure compensation for your work, but that will happen once you have become popular. Initially you might get a few hundred dollars per article.

Remember, you will take time to become Richard Halliburton, so do not expect any miracles right after your first work is published. There are many travel writers who say that this is the best job in the world, if you are passionate about traveling, let me tell you that they are not lying. If you love traveling, you will love this job!
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Famous Tropical Vacation Spot

The world is truly a wonderful place, with many beautiful locations, each remarkably different from the other. Traveling to different places can be an amazing experience. A vacation of any kind can give you the pleasure of visiting unknown territories and experiencing the beauty of the world.

The main idea behind a vacation is to take a break from the daily stressful routine and make it a special and memorable experience. It gives us an opportunity to explore different places, and proves to be a refreshing treat for everyone.

Choosing a perfect vacation spot can be tough as there are thousands of beautiful places across the globe. We have, however, shortlisted 5 wonderful tropical gems for you to choose from.


The Hawaiian islands are counted among the youngest geological formations of the world. The active volcanoes and the tallest sea mountain of the world are both situated in Hawaii, and attract a lot of tourists every year. This is one of the best tropical vacation destinations of the world. Those who love surfing can enjoy the waves here. With all the scenic beauty of this place it seems like a paradise, and is one of the best tropical vacation destinations in the US. I’m sure you would love to visit this amazingly picturesque place sometime in your lifetime for a divine experience.

Nalaguraidhoo, the Maldives

Nalaguraidhoo is one of the best beaches of Maldives. It is situated approximately 62 miles away from the airport in Male. The fluid blue waters of the Indian ocean, the tropical breeze and white sand beaches are the main attractions of this place. Outdoor activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, water skiing, and fishing can keep you entertained throughout your stay. The crystal clear water allows you to see the colorful fish and corals without going underwater. This is one of the best tropical island vacation spots. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get going!


With its pristine beaches and exquisite natural attractions, Jamaica is one of the best tropical vacation spots for families. You can have wonderful and memorable experience on the beaches here. There is a wide range of water sports like scuba diving, para sailing, rafting, and jet skiing which can be enjoyed by all.


Situated in East Africa, Zanzibar offers several palm-lined beaches with the most diverse coral reef systems of the world. The friendly atmosphere in the villages of Zanzibar can give you a break from the fast-paced city life. It is also known as the ‘spice island’ because of the variety of delicious spices grown here. You could also visit the Mnemba island which is 20 minutes from Zanzibar. Zanzibar is home to a diverse array of Indian ocean wildlife.

Huahine Island

Situated in French Polynesia, Huahine Island is one of the best tropical vacation places. Lush green mountains, crystal blue bays, and pure white sand attracts nature lovers towards this island. Various activities like lagoon tours, horseback riding, and kite surfing can make your vacation an adventurous one.

Famous Vacation Spots in Florida

The USA travel and tourism industry has something to offer in all of its 50 states, Florida is one destination that a travel enthusiast must not miss. Hundreds of beaches and warm climate attract nearly 60 million tourists every year to various places in this beautiful state. Amusement parks and beaches constitute a major portion of the tourism here.

Panama City Beach
Panama city beach is popular worldwide for their pristine beauty and a long coastline, stretching to nearly 27 miles, and is considered one of the best family spots in Florida. The Panama city beach offers numerous fun-filled activities, and it is a complete entertainment package. Swimming, sunning, para-sailing, jet-skiing, sailing, fishing, and boating are just some of the various activities that you can enjoy when you’re here.

Welcome to the Gateway of Americas, Miami. Probably one of the liveliest and most happening places on this planet. Miami is a major international center in entertainment, education, media, music, fashion, film, culture, print media, and performing arts. Discover life at peak excitement, glamor, and glitz. Right from world-class fashion and glamor to entertainment, Miami is an ideal place for couples to spend an exciting vacation. The south Miami beach is one of the best beaches in Florida, and it offers scope for numerous outdoor activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. The Bayfront Park and Bicentennial Park are the two most important parks in Miami.

Walt Disney
Walt Disney World Resort, located in Orlando, Florida, is a place that can give your kids an out-of-the-world experience, and they will fall in love with the cartoons there. The world’s largest recreational resort is spread over an area of nearly 122 square kilometers, and houses various Disney theme parks that will you exhaust you to the core. But the thrill, excitement, and fun of this place will be in your memories forever.

Amelia Island
If you want to get lazy and spend some leisure time, Amelia islands are ideal holiday destinations. Numerous activities here include horse riding, kayaking, snorkeling, biking, hiking, and trekking. Couples who want to escape to a quiet, serene place, for them, Amelia island is a great choice. Numerous activities like boogie boarding, horseback riding, bike riding, and kite flying are popular around here. Exploring numerous parks and enjoying some of the most popular festivals, the Amelia Island Jazz Festival and the Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival can leave you spellbound.

Fort Lauderdale
Most of you may find it amusing to visit this city, that resembles the beautiful city of Venice in Italy. The presence of numerous canals and museums in this city makes it a must-visit tourist spot. Blue water beaches are something that you must see, and they’re a true marvel of nature. The Gulf Stream Park and Butterfly World are two spots in Fort Lauderdale that you should just go to.

Besides these places in Florida, you can also spend quality time at other renowned places like Everglades, Coral Gables, Tampa, St. Augustine, Kissimmee, and Pensacola. Florida offers vibrant nightlife activities and lots of interesting tasks to do at the beaches during the day. No matter if you’re planning to romance your partner, or thinking of taking your family to a really nice destination, these offer you many options to choose from.

Guide to Plan Vacation to Indonesia

As a tourist, it is important that you respect the local beliefs of the Indonesians. The country has a high population of Muslims, owing to which it is not advisable to dress scantily in public places or wear shorts in the mosque.
If you are planning an exotic Asian holiday this vacation, the sultry archipelago of Indonesia may be one of the best choices for you. The fourth most populous country in the world features a unique kaleidoscope of people, cultures, traditions, flora and fauna, climates, topography, cuisines, and so on. It’s like several different nations blending together to form a single, organic whole, and in turn, evolving to form a rich and fascinating cultural landscape. It is perhaps this radical difference(s), yet oneness of the country and its people, which has made it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Planning a Trip to Indonesia
Despite its uniqueness, it needs to be noted that Indonesia is a country of odds. If you are planning to visit the country, there are numerous things that you will have to consider before you actually embark on your journey. This Buzzle article is a small guide that will help plan your vacation properly and with more ease. All you need to do is to consider the following pointers.

Best Time to Go

  • Indonesia seems welcoming all round the year as there are no seasonal extremes; however, it needs to be decided whether you want to go during the wet or dry season; both have their own pros and cons.
  • The peak season to visit Indonesia is the dry season that falls between the months of May and September. While one can escape heavy rains and muddy roads during this time, it is also slightly hotter, with certain regions experiencing droughts.
  • The wet season that falls between the months of October and April is the off-season, but it is ideal if you wish to enjoy the tropical rains. However, it may also rain continuously for days together, thus, causing extreme conditions such as floods. Also, muddy roads, especially in the rural areas, may be a deterrent.
  • If you want to experience and enjoy the festive spirit in the country, visit the place during the holidays―end of Ramadan and Christmas. This is the time when all the hotels and resorts are crowded with tourists, and prices are also high. Make it a point to book well in advance to secure a desired accommodation and a good deal in that.
  • However, if you want to save money, visit during the off-season―the hotels and resorts decrease their prices, and the airfares are also cheaper.

Plan an Itinerary

  • This is very important while you plan your Indonesian vacation, owing to the fact that the country is huge. It is practically impossible to see it entirely in a single trip, unless you have a lot of time at your disposal.
  •  Consider the total duration of your vacation, and accordingly, list out places you would like to visit. Also, keep in mind the amount of time you wish to allot to each place.
  •  Refer to travel magazines, read travel books, browse the net, purchase maps, and speak to your travel agent, and/or the people you know. All this will help learn more about the country and narrow down the places you may want to see.
  •  Indonesia has a plethora of experiences to offer to tourists. So, determine precisely where your interest lies―nature, wildlife, history, and so on. You can then plan your itinerary in accordance to your interest(s).
    Note: If you are going to Indonesia for the first time, it is advisable that you hire a tour operator who will take care of all the things for you, right from booking tickets and accommodations, to organizing your trip there. You can then give your rough itinerary to the tour operator, and he/she will refine it to make it more workable for you. However, if you are going independently, see to it that you carry out an in-depth research.

The Overall Budget

  •  Indonesia is cheap and can be considered as one of the budget vacation destinations in Asia. However, the overall budget of your trip will depend on your itinerary.
  •  Accommodation usually grabs the lion’s share of your overall expenses, but you can always go for the budget and mid-range ones, and save some money.
  • Transport is still cheap in terms of US dollars, although a hike in the fuel prices has led to a considerable increase in the cost of public transport.
  •  If you visit places, which are tourist hubs, such as Bali, Sumatra, Borobudur, and Sulawesi, you will be able to find a lot of competitive offers, especially on accommodation and food. So, book only after you have compared a number of offers.





  •  If you are visiting off-beat locations such as Papua or Maluku, which are still developing into tourist destinations, you may have to pay higher prices of accommodation, food, and transport.



  •  Domestic flights are the most expensive modes of transport in Indonesia. So, if you are traveling on a budget, do not opt for them unless absolutely necessary.
  • For every traveler who visits Southeast Asia, the WHO has recommended a set of certain vaccines. These include:

    ✔ Measles, mumps, and rubella
    ✔ Polio
    ✔ Typhoid
    ✔ Hepatitis A and B
    ✔ Adult diphtheria and tetanus
    ✔ Varicella (if you haven’t taken a chickenpox vaccine in the past)

  • If the duration of your stay is one month or more, you will also need to take vaccinations for tuberculosis, rabies, meningitis, and Japanese B encephalitis.
  • Moreover, yellow fever vaccination is required if you have recently visited a country in the yellow fever zone. If you are traveling to Indonesia from South America or Africa, you may also have to present a documented proof of your yellow fever vaccination.
  • Consult your local physician or one of the specialized travel medicine clinics, which will be able to advise you regarding the immunization shots you will need to take and the time to take them.
  • It is a good idea to ask your physician to give you an International Certificate of Vaccination, which will list all the vaccinations you have taken.
    Travel Insurance
  •  Make sure that you do not travel without buying an appropriate travel insurance. It should ideally cover all contingencies, which you might face during your trip.
  • Apart from covering for thefts and/or lost baggage, it should also cover for emergencies relating to your health.
  •  Consider the worst possible scenario, and buy a travel insurance that best suits your needs. You can also buy a separate health insurance, if necessary. Also, make sure you carry your medicines along, if you have been prescribed any special ones.